About Joseph and Ann

Our brand was born out of my love of making macarons. From the crisp outer shell to the chewy interior and smooth decadent ganache every mouthful of a Joseph & Ann macaron is something to be savoured.


Our story

The Joseph & Ann story began almost 10 years ago when I first heard about macarons and how difficult they were to make. Being the curious person I am, I thought it cannot be that hard. After 6 months of practice I was able to make macarons. I look back on those macarons now with embarrassment as to how bad they looked. Those early days started me on a journey that would see me supply businesses throughout Australia, appear on The Great Australian Bakeoff in 2015 and propose to my wife with macarons as a central feature.

What started as many late nights in my home kitchen making a dozen macarons a day has grown into producing 1000’s of macarons a week in a commercial kitchen located in Ipswich Queensland.

Joseph & Ann was originally called Celeste Desserts (loosely translated to Heavenly Desserts) when I started in Emerald. I supplied local businesses and customers from my home kitchen.

In 2015 I applied to appear on The Great Australian Bakeoff with 11 other talented bakers. This was such an eye-opening experience and just added fuel to my desire to keep baking and creating.

After my work circumstances changed, I moved to Brisbane with my wife and the macaron dream was put on hold until 2018 when BAKED by Joseph & Ann was born.

Who is Joseph & Ann?.... Joseph & Ann are the middle names of my wife and I and we strive to provide customers with baked goods to please both the eye and the taste buds.

Macarons will always hold a special place in my heart but I do love to create all manner of sweet treats.

A baking brand with flavour at its core.

Joseph & Ann


Hear what our customers have to say about BAKED

BEST Macarons available. I have had these countless times and everytime they are AMAZING.

Great service, fast delivery and the most amazing mouth watering treats you will ever eat. Thanks for all your yummy treats.

Absolutely divine. The treats from BAKED are exceptional. You wont regret anything ( apart from the gained inches on your waistline as you cant stop at just one).